Wholesalers warn that 40% of the final price is taxes paid by the consumer

Wholesalers warn that 40% of the final price is taxes paid by the consumer
Wholesalers warn that 40% of the final price is taxes paid by the consumer

Through a hard document, wholesale distributors They questioned several of the costs faced by companies in the sector. Among them they mention the tax burden, Municipal taxes levied on stained glass decals that inform about the cards accepted by the business and contributions made by companies to the Trade Employee Training Institute.

Traders claim that “More than 40% of the price of a basic product is taxes”. “There are controversial unjustifiable contributions “which affect the industry and trade of basic necessities, especially in times of crisis,” says the document Argentine Chamber of Distributors and Wholesale Self-Service Stores (CADAM).

First of all, CADAM rejects the “mandatory” employer contribution to the Argentine Institute of Professional and Technological Training for CommerceThis is a contribution approved by the National Labor Secretariat, within the framework of the Commercial Agreement.

“The mandatory contribution by the employer is $3,821.60 for each retail employee, which reaches 1.2 million workers. INACAP would be collecting more than $4.5 billion per month, which is managed by certain business associations, in order to ‘train’”, says the camera.

On the other hand, the business chamber calls for the elimination of the Check Taxas well as the Gross Income Tax and certain municipal taxes. They warn that in In some districts, the communes charge a “carbon copy” rate, because they assume that the stickers that indicate the virtual wallets or cards that businesses accept are outdoor advertising.

Wholesalers also include A severe questioning of the contribution to the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR)which aims to promote activity in the country and support exports. They point out that “in 2023, Argentines bought 52 million liters of wine less than in 2022 (-6.3%), while Argentine wine exports plummeted by 31.7% in volume compared to the previous year.”

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Wholesalers warn about the final price of the products.


The claims of the chamber of distributors

On the other hand, CADAM calls for the elimination of VAT on basic necessities and they demand that the technical balances held by AFIP in favor of companies can be used to cancel tax obligations.

In addition, wholesalers question the income tax regime for advance payments.Paying taxes in advance on profits that were not obtained is unreasonableespecially for a sector linked to the marketing of essential products,” say the businessmen.

The document also claims repeal the PAIS Tax, which the government promises to remove by 2025. On another note, request a Simple Wholesale Quotaso that the public that goes to self-service stores of this type have a benefit similar to that available to retail stores.

They also raise the need to reissue thethe tax relief on capital goods from profits.

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