fell by 40% compared to the previous year

fell by 40% compared to the previous year
fell by 40% compared to the previous year

Sales at newsstands fell by 40% compared to the previous year. During the first days of July, the week of sweetness is celebrated, a moment that merchants in the sector eagerly await, however, it did not turn out as they expected on this occasion.

In the midst of an economic crisis context, The kiosks recognized that They didn’t sell what they expected during this time. Due to the sharp increases, customers are making purchases similar to those they did in pandemic.

Falling sales at newsstands: what industry representatives say

In dialogue with the program “Argentina en Vivo”, by C5Nthe president of the Kiosk Association of Argentina analyzed the situation that the sector is going through and acknowledged that sales fell by 40%. In that sense, Ernesto explained that “the newsstand owner is waiting for the week of sweetness because We always sell more“.

“Everyone has to meet their partners, friends, coworkers and sells, although it is a little quiet, Pretty calm I would say“, he detailed.


The crisis impacted the kiosks.

Then he mentioned that Customers’ purchases are similar to those they made during the pandemica moment that marked “a before and after.” According to the kiosk owner, “at that time small chocolates were sold, which began to be sold again in recent months.”

Finally, Ernesto analyzed the situation and argued that The drop in sales is due to the fact that “people are shrinking”. He also indicated that the beginning of this year was “quite calm because sales were not as expected,” and then assured that “Inflation is a big problem“.

Dairy industry: sales plummeted by 16%

The dairy companies They go through a deep crisis resulting from the fall in purchasing power. Between January and May the Dairy product sales, in volume, suffered an average decline of 16%, but in products with higher added value The collapse is even greater and accumulates drops of up to 51% compared to the same period last year.

According to data from the Dairy Chain Observatory (OCLA), analyzing by product group, it stands out: a very significant drop in all categories, except cheese, which fell by 7.6% in equivalent liters.

The products with the highest added and unitary value such as Very soft cheeses, grated cheeses, flavoured milks, yoghurts, puddings and desserts showed a large drop associated with price increases and the delay in the purchasing power of the middle sector of the population that demands these products in greater quantities.

For example, products such as flavored or chocolate milk, which showed a very high growth rate in 2022 (29%), and which was only due to the effect of comparing with a year where sales were extremely low, In 2023 they grow only 3.3% and now in 2024 they plummet 43.6%, almost to pandemic levels.

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