Message from the Argentine Chamber of Construction against the Government: Another plan is needed

Message from the Argentine Chamber of Construction against the Government: Another plan is needed
Message from the Argentine Chamber of Construction against the Government: Another plan is needed

After confirming his presence at the May Pact, Gustavo Weiss -holder of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAC)– asked the national government for a change of course. The businessman’s statements have two contexts: one $400 billion debt that the State has with the sector and the growing distancing of the Group of Six with the administration of Javier Milei.

Weiss considered that “the The economic recession we are going through is a consequence of the economic adjustment that the Government has applied. because it was not feasible to continue with that inflation”. While he understood that “this had to be done, with virtues and defects” he pointed out that “the V-shaped rebound is not imminent. Another plan is needed. A development plan that complements the adjustment plan.”

“If we don’t get it investments There is no chance that the standard of living of Argentines will improve,” added the construction leader, who asked to put the focus on the ““macroeconomic stability” and in the “development of a strong currency“We need to critically analyse what we have done wrong over this long period with governments of different stripes.”

Interviewed on AM 750, he confirmed that he will be in Saint Michael of Tucuman next Monday together with the presidents of the Argentine Industrial Union, Daniel Funes from Rioja; from the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Adelmo Gabbi; of the Argentine Rural Society, Nicholas Pino; from the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Mario Grinman and the Argentine Banking Association, Javier Bolzico. “He May Pact He talks about state policies, things that we Argentines should reach consensus on. In general terms, we should be in agreement,” he said.

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Gustavo Weiss, president of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAC).

Gustavo Weiss and the reality of the construction sector

The owner of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAC) acknowledged that “at the annual convention of the Camera We discussed the problems of the sector and pointed out to Caputo the difficulties that the sector is going through.”We told Caputo what our opinion is on what needs to be done in this situation.“, he reiterated.

“Macroeconomic stability leads to recession and that is what is happening. The important thing is whether this will improve in a relatively short period of time,” he analyzed, and opined that “the success or failure of the Government’s economic plan will be seen over time. Success is not guaranteed”.

He also lamented that “all Latin American countries in the last 40 years have grown more than Argentina” and that “they have managed to defeat inflation.”I don’t see a quick way out, it’s not guaranteed. I hope I’m wrong.“, he concluded.

Construction industry fell by 32.6% year-on-year

The Construction activity showed a year-on-year decline of 32.6% but it chained its second consecutive monthly improvement by climbing 6.2% versus April, according to INDEC.

As regards the production of inputs for this sector, the largest annual declines were observed in ceramic sanitary ware (-60.4%), round iron and steel (-48.9%), asphalt (-47.8%), granite and limestone mosaics (-47.2%) and ceramic floors and coverings (-41.8%). Only paints had a decrease of less than 10%.

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