How much do they earn in July 2024 with the confirmed bonus?

How much do they earn in July 2024 with the confirmed bonus?
How much do they earn in July 2024 with the confirmed bonus?

The pension agency confirmed the minimum and maximum pensions, the PBU and the PUAM, starting in July. The amounts will also have an impact on other social benefits.

Behind the Confirmation of the $70,000 bonusstarting this Monday, retirees and pensioners who are beneficiaries of the Social Security Administration (ANSES) They will earn a minimum wage of $215,580.82 which includes the 4.18% readjustmentWith these changes, which will take effect from July, the maximum pension in force from now on will be $1,450,654.81. For its part, the Government confirmed that it will begin to adjust the sentences with a final ruling for pension claims.

The 4.18% readjustment was made official days ago by the pension agency through resolution 320. The index replicates the variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Mayaccording to the measurement result of the INDEC.

Meanwhile, those who receive the Universal Pension for the Elderly (PUAM) will receive a total of $172,464.66, while the Non-contributory pensions (PNC) by Disability and old age They will have the sum of $150,906.57 from July.

ANSES retirees: how much they will receive in July 2024 with the confirmed bonus

With resolution 320, published last Wednesday in the Official Gazette, the ANSES It provided that the remunerations that cease in the activity as of June 30, 2024 or those who return to the activity in a dependent relationship, and request the benefit as of July 1, will be updated under the following criteria:

a) If all the services with contributions computed were in relation to dependency, the amount will be equivalent to ONE AND A HALF PERCENT (1.5%) for each year of service with contributions or a fraction greater than SIX (6) months, up to a maximum of THIRTY-FIVE (35) years, calculated on the average of remunerations subject to contributions and updated contributions received during the period of TEN (10) years immediately prior to the cessation of service. Periods in which the affiliate was inactive and consequently did not receive remuneration will not be computed.

Retiree bonus and family allowances: ANSES updates for July

The national government announced today that the retirees and pensioners who receive minimum wages They will receive a $70,000 bonus in July as a boost to their income and therefore no beneficiary will receive less than $285,600.

Pensions in general will have a 4.2% adjustment corresponding to the inflation of May, according to the new update mechanism for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that the National Government launched.

As happened in the previous months, the Bonus only applies to minimum wages and, obviously, it is added to the 4.2% on the base salary.

As for the family’s asignations, Starting in July, prices will also increase according to the CPI. In this sense, the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) will be 77,462 pesos; the AUH for a Child with a Disability, 252,238 pesos, and the Family Allowance for a Child, 38,731 pesos for the first income range.

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