The quick and easy trick to know if a dollar is fake with your cell phone

The quick and easy trick to know if a dollar is fake with your cell phone
The quick and easy trick to know if a dollar is fake with your cell phone

In addition to the guidelines provided by the Federal Reserve and the United States government, there is a simple method to tell if a bill is real.

Currently, both the United States Federal Reserve (FED) As the government is aware of the distribution of counterfeit bills of different nominal values ​​of the dollarwhich is why they have produced guides in several languages ​​clearly identifying security measures to avoid scams and counterfeiting.

However, he also developed a Mobile app that determines whether a bill is real or fake in a matter of seconds. The app is called Cash Assist and works for both Android and iOS.


Comparison of the different series of $100 bills.

Comparison of the different series of $100 bills.

How to know if a dollar bill is fake using my cell phone

To facilitate the checking of banknotes and avoid having to access security measures, the United States government decided to develop a mobile phone application that is available for both Android and the IOS operating system. This application is called Cash Assist.

This application contains an extensive database with all the issued series of US currency, so by entering the serial number of the bill it will notify you if it corresponds to a genuine series or not. It is important to know that the application can detect fake series but not the bill itself. Therefore, you should perform other tests to find out if the bill is counterfeit or not.

What are the other ways to know if a dollar bill is fake?

People who are used to dealing with dollars can easily detect whether a bill is fake or not, but the rest of the people do not have this ability. The first thing to look at is its color. Fake bills are usually paler in color and do not present ambiguity between their colors, but rather something more uniform.

Another way to identify them is by the watermark. An image that must be viewed against the light and bears the same portrait as the front of the note. In counterfeits, the watermark is usually visible directly without the need to expose it to backlight. On the other hand, the image quality of the note is difficult to achieve, so attention must be paid to it. The details are also important; the original notes are carefully designed, the lines are fine and connected.

On the other hand, there are other marks such as the ink that changes color when the bill is tilted, the security thread that has a similar effect, showing the number and moving it according to the perspective of the person looking at it. Finally, the touch is very important; when touching the bill, you should feel a rough texture that results from the composition of the paper money used by the Federal Reserve to issue dollars.

And finally, one of the most effective methods is ultraviolet light, which allows any type of detail to be exposed and can also recognize original paint to determine the validity of the specimen.

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