Rising material prices are slowing down the construction industry

After an extremely good year in 2021 and still full order books, the construction industry is expecting the sector’s economy to cool down. That doesn’t just apply nationwide. “We are well utilized, but that could change quickly,” said state guild master Norbert Hartl yesterday at an online press conference with Housing Councilor Manfred Haimbuchner.

The prices for building materials are currently rising massively, if they are available at all, said Hartl. As an example, he named laminated beams, the price of which has doubled in recent months. In the case of concrete, at least a double-digit increase in price can be expected due to the high gas prices.

“It all affects the builders,” said Hartl. There is a risk that construction projects will be postponed. In addition, the shortage of skilled workers will remain a major problem this year.

Because of the significantly increased costs, the state government had already reacted last year, said Haimbuchner. The building cost ceilings in multi-storey residential buildings have been raised. A special subsidy of 2,500 euros for each subsidized rental apartment and 2,000 euros for each subsidized home was also decided.

Haimbuchner was unable to say whether the high construction costs were already reflected in the number of new apartments or houses. We don’t have any concrete figures yet. But they will be published soon.

Haimbucher said that the recently sharp rise in energy prices would prompt private builders to invest in the energy efficiency of their houses. The state is providing 76.6 million euros in funding for this this year. For example, window replacement, front door replacement, insulated roof or top floor ceiling, facade surfaces and basement ceilings are funded.

75 percent savings

Anyone who completely renovates a house, for example, can expect savings in heating costs of an average of 75 percent, said Haimbuchner. Upper Austria is generally “state champion” in the redevelopment. With a refurbishment rate of 1.9 percent, it is ahead of all other federal states. (hn)

Source: Nachrichten

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