Thin hair: Dimensional Color adds volume

Dimensional Color is the magic word for more volume. Women with thin hair should know the peculiarities of this hair coloring method.

Many women with thin hair want more volume in their hair from their trusted hair stylist. So that the volume kick is guaranteed after the next visit to the hairdresser, you should know this magic word: dimensional color.

Why Dimensional Color for Thin Hair?

If you are blessed with thin hair and want more volume, you should say goodbye to a full-color look. Instead of a single color that is used to color the entire hair, it is better to play with contrasts. With hair contouring, you play with a combination of light and dark nuances in order to create a look with more volume. With the right highlight variation, fine hair appears a lot fuller.

It is important to note that the color tones differ from the current or natural hair color by a maximum of two to three shades. Larger differences can quickly create an unnatural look. It is also important to know that darker shades give the hair more depth and lighter shades as highlights ensure a lively structure in the hairstyle. Playing with the different nuances creates visual movement.

Customize Dimensional Color

The nice thing about it is that you can play with the colors to suit your personality. Particularly well-known and popular coloring techniques from the area of ​​dimensional color are, for example, balayage, ombre or shadow roots, as used by actress Margot Robbie (31).

If you want to slowly approach an optical change on your head, the Babylights dimensional color technique is just the thing for you. Hairstylists work with barely visible highlights that are placed almost inconspicuously in the hair. Nevertheless, these highlights ensure a natural lightening of the look and more volume. The look is made even more natural by placing the highlights a few centimeters away from the hairline. The fine strands are dyed in nuances that are one to two tones lighter than the natural hair color. The natural-looking shading that this creates provides more fullness in the hair.

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