Sylvie Meis: “In the television world, older women are increasingly being replaced by young men”

Sylvie Meis: “In the television world, older women are increasingly being replaced by young men”

Sylvie Meis is one of Germany’s most popular television presenters and a beauty role model for many women. In an interview with the star the 44-year-old spoke openly about the world of work as a woman aged 40+, her son and dating.

Sylvie Meis isn’t getting any younger either, even if she still looks like she’s not aging. At the Juvéderm Talk event in Hamburg, the TV star chatted about a wide variety of topics. The presenter commented on the regression of the women’s movement, especially in the TV segment, and also tells what she would advise the younger Sylvie Meis.

We’re at a beauty event, Ms. Meis. Where is the limit for cosmetic procedures for you?
In general there is no limit, because everyone should feel good and have to do what they want to do. What I’m doing now is ideal for me: hyaluronic filler and botox. I feel fresh and comfortable in my own skin. A facelift would not be an option for me, but I have to say “Never say never”, because in the twenties I didn’t think I would do fillers and botulinum either. I also started quite late, in my mid-thirties.

What do you dislike about the look of yourself?
There is nothing. I love absolutely everything about me. I’ve already beaten cancer, I was bald from it once. I’m proud of my body. When I was young, I struggled more with my self-esteem.

What advice would you give to young Sylvie today?
I would say to young Sylvie: Don’t worry so much, you’re beautiful just the way you are, don’t think so much about whether something could be better, thinner, slimmer, whatever. I also had my problems as a teenager, I was stronger thanks to the pill. I even criticized how I looked back then until a few years ago. It was the beginning of my career, so it can’t have been as bad as I actually made it out to be. Nowadays I’m proud of young Sylvie.

What do you think of social media in relation to young women’s self-esteem?
Social media has a strong influence on the young generation. Self-improvement is limitless and I too would be influenced by it if I had grown up with social media. I’m a different generation, I thought even when Instagram was created, I don’t need that. I’ve been in so many magazines and on so many covers: ‘I don’t need that shit’ – but I joined in 2015 on the recommendation of friends and today I’m happy and proud of the influence I can have.

Among other things, you moderate the show “Love Island”, a different format than the ones you usually moderated. Do you see a difference in moderation?
No not at all. I think “Love Island” is a very glamorous show where I can be the sole host. That’s not often the case in the industry anymore. The television world has now become very masculine, there are not many shows that can only be worn by women. And worst of all: older women are being replaced by younger men more than ever. The girl next to the presenter is always interchangeable in this world, it seems. Also, I love love, so the show suits me perfectly.

They love love and are married for the second time. Have you ever dated properly? How is Sylvie Meis as a single?
Sylvie Meis being single is a disaster – I love being single, I love dating, I love my freedom. It’s an adventure that dates is never boring and doesn’t last forever.

Have you ever dated someone from their Instagram messages?
So I’m not one to scroll through my messages and think, ‘Let’s have a date’, or reply to messages on social media. Although… Maybe there was an exception, but that was a long time ago, but now I’m happily married.

Your son Damian left to play football in Denmark when he was 14 and is now 16. How was that for you and how is it going for him?
It took me some time to get used to it, I cried a lot when I had to give it away again and again. We decided to do this as a blended family, together with my ex-husband Rafael and Estavana, and it was worth it. Damian has signed his first professional contract.

And what about your son’s private life? Does he have a girlfriend?
I am not allowed to say that.

And in the theoretical case that he might bring a girlfriend home, how about you as a “mother-in-law”?
I would be, of course only in theory, loving, accepting and open.

Do you have a life motto that you gave Damian?
Always focus on your dreams in life – I hope that I have given him helpful things along the way, things that I like about myself and that I have learned in life. I think it’s important as a parent to pass that on.

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