Xuxa met Marlene Mattos again after 19 years and they ironed out differences

Xuxa met Marlene Mattos again after 19 years and they ironed out differences

Although Mattos did not occupy a prominent place in front of the camera, the allusions of the queen of the short ones to her friend in her program were frequent. Marlene was the director, but also her right hand, her manager, her artistic partner and her closest friend..

The rumors of the strong fight and other crosses led Mattos to make it public in front of the TV: “It was not an untimely decision or a fight between comadres,” Mattos told the press at the time, refuting versions collected in the studies of the TV O Globo that indicated that they had not spoken to Xuxa for three months.

“I always respected her, I will never stop respecting her. She has other plans and I have to work for the children. I have enormous affection for her.”, affirmed, in turn, Xuxa. As a result of that fight, Planeta Xuxa, the program they were both working on for O Globo ended abruptly.

The break between Xuxa and Mattos It was not limited to television programs, but also included other branches of society between the two. Mattos was her manager and director of her programs, but she also guided her in her business to the point that the animator considered her “her bank” of hers, according to what she declared to a magazine feminine. By then, Xuxa was considered one of the richest figures in the world of Brazilian entertainment, with an estimated fortune of 100 million dollars, always guided by Mattos, considered a King Midas in Brazilian entertainment..

Mattos also made money during the years they were together: in addition to charging between 10% and 20% of Xuxa’s total billing, it has a company that represents artists and athletes. Personally, the relationship between the two was almost family: Mattos is the godmother of Xuxa’s daughter, Sasha.


Over the years, those rumors were confirmed by Xuxa herself: the decision to go their separate ways had been much more traumatic than what the protagonists had declared. In an interview published in Caras magazine in 2018, the presenter indicated: “I never knew how much I earned or how much my shows generated. I have been so innocent that a lot has been stolen from me.”

That phrase was just the tip of an iceberg that the Brazilian was discovering little by little. “I can tell you that I have worked in Argentina, in the United States, in Spain and after a very short time the only thing I found was debt. I never knew how much I earned in Argentina. I never knew what the channel was paying me and I never asked,” she added.

“Everything was handled by Marlene, I didn’t even have a checking account. She left everything in the hands of other people. I never did anything to earn more money because she never interested me. Unfortunately, I learned to distrust people. But I also know that I have to have people by my side who take care of the finances. The artist works with emotion. Now I no longer put all my trust in one person, because even the lawyer I had at the time stole from me. Today I don’t put my empire above my work, but I also don’t have a single person who manages everything that it generated. Unfortunately, we never really get to know the human being, and the more I get to know him, the more I love my animals and the kids. Because when they look at me they don’t want to know if I have money or not”, explained Meneghel.


19 years after that unexpected separation, the driver and her former director and manager saw each other again. And, how could it be otherwise, they did it in front of the cameras. The talk between the two women is part of that documentary that finally took shape and is produced by Globoplay.

In an interview with GShow, the queen of shorts indicated that she had not seen Marlene for 19 years. “The documentary has its ups and downs. But if you had to define it with one word, exciting would be the right one. For example, she hadn’t seen Marlene in 19 years and I did it on camera. The reunion was difficult, it was punk, ”she advanced.

And he added: “A documentary has to be interesting not only for me, but for everyone and tell my whole story. She is part of my story.” We will have to wait until the premiere to find out how difficult that reunion was, completed La Nación.

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