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Bucket hat trend: these models will be popular in autumn 2022

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A cool accessory that can also be styled on colder days: How to style the bucket hat trend 2022 and which models are currently popular.

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We usually associate spring and summer not only with longer days, better weather, good mood and outdoor meetings, but also with airy and cheerful clothing. When the sun shines more, headgear is also back in fashion focus. In 2022 there is one thing in particular: the , which is trending. But: it can also be styled cool on colder days, for example with teddy fur. We reveal exactly which models these are and how best to style the accessory.

What is a bucket hat?

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Bucket hat is the English or fashionable term for a fisherman’s hat, i.e. a hat with a narrow, downward sloping brim. The accessory is traditionally made of hard-wearing cotton fabric, such as canvas or denim. Sometimes the headgear also has metal eyelets for ventilation. The trend piece is now available in all possible variants, with a wide or narrow brim, colorful, monochrome, with a metallic look or even made of faux fur.

Bucket Hat: These models are trendy in 2022

The bucket hat already accompanied us through the fashion season last year. The variant with an extra wide brim and slouch hat look was particularly popular. In addition, the trend piece was not only allowed to be plain, but also to have a floral or animal print. In 2022, the willingness to experiment is just as great. On the one hand, casual, be that set accents with small highlights such as a contrasting stripe or logo. They exude a retro feeling that is currently popular anyway.

In addition, however, eye-catching accessories are also trendy, such as the hip bucket hat with animal print or flowers or .

A bucket hat in the style of a summer hat is a little more subtle and even more summery. Airy models that are not only fashionable but also keep out the sun are in trend in 2022, so a large brim is the order of the day. As well as or those in cord or .

Incidentally, the bucket hat trend is currently popular for both men and women, as well as for kids. And: It’s worth it on colder days made of faux fur. They also keep you warm – so they also fulfill style and practical purposes.

Tip: Incidentally, with coupons for fashion and clothing, such as a , you can save money when shopping at many different shops.

How to properly style the bucket hat trend

As with other accessories, the bucket hat trend is at its best when it is harmoniously integrated into the rest of the outfit and picks up on existing elements. For example, if you are carrying a red bag, the bucket hat should not necessarily be purple, but in a similar shade. However: the fashion-conscious can also try out creative things with the bucket hat and skilfully create a special eye-catcher that intentionally stands out from the rest of the look. For example, a simple shirt-jeans-sneaker combo can be pimped with a highlight like a bright bucket hat or one with a striking pattern.

There is more information here.

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