Casting show: Anny Ogrezeanu is “The Voice of Germany”

Casting show: Anny Ogrezeanu is “The Voice of Germany”

With Anny Ogrezeanu, a strong voice wins the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany”. Coach Mark Forster can also record a victory: for the first time one of his protégés wins the title.

Anny Ogrezeanu won the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany” by a clear margin. The 21-year-old musical talent from Wachtberg in North Rhine-Westphalia received the most viewer votes in the finale of the ProSiebenSat.1 talent show – almost 42 percent of the audience voted for Ogrezeanu. It was also a success for coach Mark Forster (39), because one of his protégés won the show for the first time.

After the decision, Ogrezeanu was surprised and speechless. Coach and protégé then celebrated the victory together on stage, with Ogrezeanu spontaneously jumping into the musician’s arms. Forster has been evaluating the show’s talents as a coach since 2017, but has never won a final before.

Throughout the season, Ogrezeanu had attracted attention as a petite person with a big voice. In the finale, Ogrezeanu sang The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” with Coach Forster and their single “Daddy’s Eyes” with guest star Zoe Wees (20).

Duet with pop star as an additional prize

Julian Pförtner (23, Team Peter Maffay) from Heidelberg came second with 30 percent of the votes. Third and fourth place went to Tammo Förster (19, Team Rea Garvey) from Duderstadt in Lower Saxony and Basti Schmidt (28, Team Stefanie Kloß) from Berlin. They also sang a song with their coach and a duet with a guest star. In addition to the Hamburg singer Wees, Alphaville, Conchita Wurst (33) and the former “The Voice” coach Nico Santos (29) were there as prominent guests.

As the first winning talent on the ProSiebenSat.1 show, Ogrezeanu also won a duet with a pop star as an additional prize. The joint single “Run With Me” with the British Calum Scott (34) should be released worldwide, the broadcaster announced. At the end of the broadcast, both performed live along with the song.

Presenter Melissa Khalaj (33) conducted a mini-casting in the audience during the show as a foretaste of the next season. Spectator Vivien’s performance convinced the four coaches to such an extent that she was invited to the selection rounds known as “scoutings” next year.

Solidarity with protesters in Iran

The Iranian-American singer Rana Mansour (40), who the station announced at short notice, also appeared as a surprise guest on the live show. She sang the song “Baraye” by Iranian musician Shervin Hajipour (25) in English translation. “For 40 years, women in Iran have been forbidden to dance and sing freely. I’m here to be their voice,” Mansour said.

For the lyrics, the composer Hajipour collected tweets from Iranian demonstrators. After “Baraye” became the unofficial anthem of the protests in the country, the singer was temporarily arrested. He was released on bail in early October.

Source: Stern

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