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The 10 biggest turn-offs in dating and relationships

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Actually, the current match on the dating app is all hot and interesting until he or she starts talking baby talk and stingy with the tip at the restaurant.

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For some behaviors in dating and relationships, it doesn’t matter at all if the other person is super attractive and super smart. Almost everyone who is a part of the online dating world has experienced this type of behavior and lost interest in a second.

Speak in the third person
“Alex is very keen to do it” – an answer that no one would want, for example to the question of whether they would like to meet up. When someone refers to themselves in the third person, it’s one of the most classic turnoffs for most people.

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baby talk
“I’m going to make Bubu now” – Please what? When an adult speaks baby talk, it rarely goes down well, whether it’s a man or a woman.

Stinginess with tips
Within the first date you meet in a trendy restaurant, you are invited and suddenly you realize that the other person says “40 euros” with a smug smile on a bill of 38.97 euros. Stinginess is cool, but only in the case of large technology markets, not when it comes to tips.

You hardly know each other and someone starts touching you and makes sudden overtures that are not appropriate to the situation. When someone wants too much too quickly, that’s usually a no-go when it comes to dating.

“You definitely have to do this and that” – paternalism, whether it’s dating or in a relationship, is super unsexy and leads to a connection that isn’t on an equal footing.

Basic rule: when dating, keep your cell phone in your pocket

Tinder on a date
You sit together on the first date and notice how one dating request after the other pops up on the other person’s cell phone display or that the other person even reacts to dating app messages when they meet. I can’t.

Gossip about others
Of course you can get upset about other people, that’s completely normal. But if you find out that the other person is just complaining, that pulls you down and at some point you ask yourself whether people are talking about you in the same way.

It’s 5:10 p.m. and they actually wanted to meet for dinner that evening, but so far neither the time nor the location is concrete. Unreliability and cancellations at short notice are unnecessary, complicated and annoying.

Snot, burp and hygiene
The first time we go for a walk, the new acquaintance is constantly sniffing, someone is belching in the restaurant, or personal hygiene is generally not the very best, fingernails or clothes are not clean. A clear red flag in dating that pushes you far away.

Perverted behavior
Innuendos, asking for a photo just because the other person says, “I’ll hop in the shower,” and explicit requests are usually turn-offs when getting to know each other, unless they’re both pursuing the same goal.

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