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George Takei: William Shatner will be a “never again” theme

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Actor George Takei has vowed never to speak of his former Star Trek co-star William Shatner again.

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US actor George Takei (85) has vowed never to speak again about his former “Star Trek” colleague William Shatner (91) in order to settle their long-standing feud.

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During an appearance on Friday, when Takei wanted to talk about his musical “Allegiance”, which is based on his childhood experiences and family history, he was also asked about his feud with Shatner by host Graham Norton (59). Takei replied, visibly annoyed, “You are the last talk show host allowed to ask this question as it has become so tiresome to talk about.”

Takei also criticized how Shatner used the dispute between the two for advertising purposes. “If Bill [Shatner] has a book to sell he needs publicity and accuses us of using it.” And he added one last taunt before trying to end the ongoing tensions once and for all: “He [Shatner] is a quarrelsome old man and I will speak no more of him. I swear this is the very last time I’ll talk about him.”

Takei teased Shatner before

This isn’t the first time Takei has shot at Shatner. Just days before the new interview, Takei couldn’t help but describe Shatner as “a cantankerous old man.” announced that he no longer wanted to be involved with Shatner after the Captain Kirk actor said in a scathing interview earlier this month that his former Star Trek castmates had criticized him for PR purposes in an interview.

“I know he came to London to promote his book and talked about how I wanted publicity by using his name,” said Takei, who played Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek. “So I decided I didn’t need his name to get any publicity.” Takei, who has appeared in several Star Trek films and series, told the magazine he had “a much more important issue” to promote. “I’m not going to refer to Bill at all in this interview – although I just did. He’s just a grumpy old man and I’ll leave him to his fate. I won’t play his game.”

When asked if Shatner was “quarrelsome” even when he was younger, Takei said he was “self-absorbed” and “enjoyed being the center of attention.”

Shatner’s allegations

Shatner made headlines earlier this month saying he feels his former peers on the 1960s sci-fi series were beating him to make headlines for themselves. When asked if that’s still an issue 60 years after an incident, Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk on the hit series and seven films, said, “It’s like an illness. I started to understand that she had it did for public relations.”

Even when Shatner recently flew into space thanks to billionaire Jeff Bezos, 58, Takei said he was sent as a “guinea pig” to assess the effects of space on an “unfit” specimen. “George [Takei] never stopped blacking my name,” Shatner said. These people are bitter and bitter. I have no patience with them anymore. Why believe people who are consumed by envy and hatred?”

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