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After New Year’s Eve: effective beauty rituals for a hangover day

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Starting the new year with a hangover? That doesn’t sound particularly tempting. These beauty rituals help with New Year’s regeneration.

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Looked too deep into a glass on New Year’s Eve? You often notice this shortly after waking up. At the latest, a look in the mirror brings certainty: the dark circles under the eyes are deep, the face puffy, the body parched. That’s not how you want to feel on the first day of the new year. Luckily, there is a trick or two to counteract this. Among other things, soothing beauty rituals can contribute to regeneration.

water with lemon

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Alcohol deprives the body of too much fluid. After a night of drinking, the body longs for hydration and cleansing – including the skin, which is after all the largest human organ. Drinking a large glass of still water with lemon as soon as you wake up provides the system with much-needed fluids and also with vitamin C. The latter serves to support the immune system, which is affected by alcohol consumption.

Refreshing contrast shower

For the ultimate freshness kick, head to the bathroom: A contrast shower immediately after getting up wakes you up and gets your circulation going. If you dare, you can start with cold water, then take a hot shower and then cold again. It is important that the alternating shower ends with cold water so that the blood vessels contract again at the end. The cold shower makes the skin look fresher and rosier.

Soothing and moisturizing facial care

The hangover mood is reflected most clearly in the face. The cold water of the contrast shower should already show the first effects on the complexion, but the sensitive facial skin in particular is looking forward to even more attention. Moisturizing care made from refreshing facial tonic and soothing day cream makes hangover signs disappear even more.

mask and massage

In acute cases, it may also be necessary to apply a cooling sheet mask to the swollen face or cooling eye pads to protect dark circles before facial care. Good to know: ingredients such as aloe vera provide additional moisture. It can also help to massage the face with a massage roller. This stimulates the lymph flow, blood circulation is boosted and pollutants can be transported away more quickly.

Walk in the fresh air

A brisk walk of about 15 minutes in the fresh air works wonders to help the body remove the harmful substances caused by alcohol. Even if you just want to lie in bed all day with a hangover, eat pizza and watch series, you should give this tip a chance.

The fresh air supplies the brain with fresh oxygen, and the movement stimulates the body’s lymphatic system. This in turn promotes detoxification. If you don’t want to leave the apartment, you can alternatively open all the windows and air the entire apartment properly for ten minutes.

Blueberries instead of pizza

Finally, on a hangover day, resist trying to order greasy food. A healthy meal of fresh fruit and vegetables is more effective against the hangover. Blueberries, for example, are rich in antioxidants that stimulate the circulatory system. While green leafy vegetables such as spinach or chard contain a lot of valuable magnesium.

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