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Gastronomic outings: 5 destinations for a getaway with friends

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There are a number of grills close to each other, where there are free menu options to eat a lot. There are also vegetarian and celiac-friendly restaurants, with unmissable dishes. Some options you can find are:

  • The Mill Rest of Field.
  • The old dump.
  • Keen’s Baby.
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Thomas Jofre

This destination is one hour and a half drive since Buenos Aires. It is a town close to Mercedes and receives thousands of people during the Weekend.

It is one of the Buenos Aires towns with further gastronomic development. Despite having a wide variety of restaurants, the most recommended is silvano. Your ownerJuan Domingo Pedro Silvanoinaugurated it as a warehouse in 1924. Excellent to taste an entry with homemade raw ham, pategras cheese Y salami mercedinoaccompanied with fist cookies.

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On the other hand, in the event that you are looking for a grill, Borders Warehouse Alternate free menu (entry of cheeses and cold cuts, pasta, roast, side dishes and desserts, with drinks included) with à la carte menu.

Other restaurants are:

  • Holy Victory.
  • La Macanuda by Tomás Jofré.


Saint Anthony of Areco

In this place a great variety of grocery stores. One of the best known is The Bleachedan authentic grocery store restored from more than 150 years of life. Meanwhile, the building where the store was originally located was declared National hystoric monument in 1999. Today, the museum recreates the environment, the grill, the counter, the bottle store and the furniture just as they were in antiquity.

Some restaurants in San Antonio de Areco:

  • The Tokyo.
  • Tossita Restaurant.
  • The Anchor Restaurant.


cañuelas is another ideal option for a weekend getaway. just 66km from Buenos Aires, its restaurants offer a wide variety of food and drinks. And, for dessert, the answer is in Cipressi Ice Cream Shop.

Some restaurants in Cañuelas:

  • Rogelia Restaurant.
  • The Colomba Canteen.
  • Scacchi.


General Belgrano

In one of the oldest neighborhoods of the party General Belgrano, Villa Iriarteit’s found “The store”, a house that keeps moments of local history. In this place, specifically in 1907worked the cafe and bar “Good taste”which had the first biographer (cinema) that attracted the interest of the inhabitants of the town.

The warehouse is decorated with stained glass, Utensils general stores and old posters that, together with the Wooden furniture and the homemade foodgrant a warm and family climate.

Source: Ambito

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