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Escape from the city: actor Hinnerk Schönemann loves life in the country

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The actor and director Hinnerk Schönemann moved from the city to the country a few years ago and hasn’t regretted it yet. He also has to work properly as a farmer there.

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The actor Hinnerk Schönemann (48, “Nord bei Nordwest”) does not regret moving to the country years ago. “We think it’s really good out here – it’s a huge playground. We enjoy our lives,” said Schönemann of the German Press Agency in Hamburg. “At the beginning of the millennium I suddenly had the feeling that nothing would keep me in the city anymore. I was often out here in Mecklenburg, where my parents own a house. So I said to myself, I’ll get something here in the village for mine Family and me,” said the TV star. He bought a former LPG, gutted the building and is now technically finished.

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A few horses also lived on his property – “I make a lot of hay for them,” said Schönemann. The interpersonal contacts on site were also positive. “It’s not like ten people come to visit here every day. But if many people think that there’s peace and quiet in the country – the opposite is the case. Here you often move outside and are spoken to. You help each other – with there is always something going on with the machines,” Schönemann continues. “Especially here in our village, it’s like a big, relaxed family group. You leave yourself alone – but you know where to go if you need something.”

Schönemann also shows country life in the successful ARD crime series “Nord bei Nordwest”, in which he has been playing a police officer and veterinarian since 2014. He also directed the new episode “On the Run” for the first time. The film was broadcast on Thursday and can still be found in the ARD media library.

Source: Stern

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