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Reality show: Claudia Effenberg doesn’t want to eat “Schniedelwutz”.

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According to Claudia Effenberg, participation in the jungle camp causes different reactions in her family. She had to promise her son something in advance.

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Dirndl designer Claudia Effenberg (57) made a promise to her family before leaving for the jungle camp. When asked how her family reacted to her participation in the RTL reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” reacted, said the wife of ex-soccer star Stefan Effenberg (54) of “Bild”: “My daughter did not jump up in the air with enthusiasm. My son was happy as a schnitzel, he thought it was mega.” But there was one condition from him: “”You don’t eat Schniedelwutz!” He would find that disgusting at the age of 22. I then promised him.”

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According to Effenberg, husband Stefan took it easy. “My husband Stefan thought everything was great, there were no rules. He just said: ‘You will outgrow yourself!'” Before departure, he also gave her a love letter that she was only allowed to open on the plane. “It said, ‘You’re my queen!’ Isn’t that cute?”

Before the opening show on Friday, January 13 (9:30 p.m.), Effenberg made a kind of second promise to the TV viewers: “I won’t get out voluntarily.” Participation is something of a test of courage. “I want to show that I’m not a spoiled player, but that I have a strong personality.”

Source: Stern

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