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Monarchy: Prince Harry on accounts of killings in Afghanistan

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The prince’s memoirs have been making headlines for days. Harry feels misunderstood by the press on some points.

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After the publication of his memoirs, Prince Harry accused the British media of misrepresenting his accounts of people he had killed in Afghanistan. “Without a doubt, the most dangerous lie they’ve told is that I sort of bragged about the number of people I’ve killed in Afghanistan,” the 38-year-old said in the Late TV show aired on CBS late Tuesday night. Stephen Colbert’s Night Show.

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“I would be angry if someone bragged about such a thing. But it’s a lie. My words are not dangerous.” The “spin” of the British media – i.e. their presentation of his descriptions – is, however, already.

In a passage of his autobiography “Spare” Harry writes about the number of people he has killed in his operations in Afghanistan. “Well, my number: twenty-five. It wasn’t a number that gave me any satisfaction. But neither was it a number I was ashamed of.” Although he would rather not have this number on his military CV, he would also prefer to live “in a world without Taliban and without war”. However, some facts could not be changed.

Founder of Invictus Games

Many media quoted this passage in the days leading up to the book’s publication, after it was accidentally temporarily available in Spanish bookstores. The passage in which Harry describes the “taught detachment” of soldiers as problematic received less attention.

In the CBS interview, Harry said it’s been “painful and challenging” to see the reactions to the leaked details of his book over the past few days without being able to do anything about it. After two decades of working with veterans from all over the world, he believes that openness and honesty are important so that others can feel comfortable sharing their experiences.

As the founder of the Invictus Games, Prince Harry regularly works with war-disabled veterans – even after he has given up his royal duties in the British royal family. Several veterans and military experts had expressed concern about the security of the next Invictus Games in Düsseldorf in September after the publications.

Announcing Stephen Colbert Show on Youtube

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