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Monday, February 6, 2023

Prince Harry drinks tequila – and attacks his family

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He just doesn’t rest: Even with Stephen Colbert, Prince Harry repeats his criticism of his own family. He found warm words especially for his grandmother.

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The audience on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” cheered and roared as Prince Harry appeared. Host Stephen Colbert pours both of them a good sip of tequila to calm them down before they get down to business.

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After a little warm-up small talk, Prince Harry and Colbert get straight to the serious stuff. The prince once again clearly explains his theory that the British royal family is constantly secretly feeding the press in Great Britain with internal information. When asked by the moderator whether the 38-year-old assumes that there is currently a campaign against him in the British press, which is controlled by his family, he says: “Of course, it’s been like this for 38 years. That’s it the other side of the story (Editor’s note: referring to his book that’s on the table in front of him). They’ve told their story, and probably my side of the story makes it uncomfortable and frightens them.” In addition, Harry claims that the royal source often cited in press stories is the Royal Family itself.

The articles leading up to the book release were “painful” for Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s memoir was officially released on January 10, but was leaked days before in Spain due to a sales failure. Since then, the global press has been churning with new articles and partial stories from the book about the dropout prince. Prince Harry says of these days: “The last few days since the leaks have been painful and challenging because the stories have been told without context.” Above all, he addresses the story that he is said to have killed 25 Taliban in military operations.

For the publication of this story, he is said to have received criticism from the ranks of the military. He accuses the press of distorting the story by taking the story out of book context. “My words aren’t dangerous, it’s just the clippings and the way the press puts it that’s dangerous,” Harry said. Furthermore, he suspects a conspiracy behind the choice to publish this story in the media (it must be said that this story was only one of many in the last few days), because his service in the army is known to be very important to Prince Harry and a big part been in his life.

Prince Harry also admits to “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that his relationship with his brother, Prince William, will probably never be as close as it used to be.

Prince Harry says his Tower of London is doing well again

Of course, there is also some funnier information. When asked what his children might have inherited from Princess Diana, Prince Harry replies that the red hair genes from the Spencer family are also dominant in his children, and he didn’t expect it. Of course, Colbert also alludes to the passage in the book where Prince Harry had signs of frostbite on his penis after an expedition to the North Pole. The prince spontaneously lists a few funny nicknames for his crown jewels such as: “Man Piece, Johnson, Willy, Austin Powers,…” and the moderator adds: “Big Ben, Tower of London”, which leads to lots of laughter in the audience .

Prince Harry seems to have inherited his sense of humor from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. He ends up describing her as an incredibly funny and humorous person who could pull off jokes without an expression on her face. In addition, Prince Harry admits that he has also seen the Netflix series “The Crown”, which is more likely to fall out of favor at the royal court.

Colbert closes the conversation by inquiring again about the well-being of Prince Harry’s genitals, who assures that everything is fine again.

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