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Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel: The two of them harmonized so well on the set

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In “Shotgun Wedding” Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel want to get married. As you confirm in the interview, this is not as easy as you might think.

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Jennifer Lopez (53) and Josh Duhamel (50) both got married in 2022. The singer gave actor Ben Affleck (50) the yes word, Duhamel entered into marriage with former Miss World America Audra Mari (29). Now Lopez and Duhamel are getting married again – in “Shotgun Wedding”. In the action comedy, which will be shown in German cinemas from January 19, the two will be put to the test before their wedding. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the two talk about the most difficult scenes and whether they resemble their film characters. They also reveal what it was like to work with the “legends” Sônia Braga (72) and Jennifer Coolidge (61).

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The English term “Shotgun Wedding” is understood in common parlance as a wedding that does not take place entirely voluntarily and mostly because of a pregnancy. That’s not the case in director Jason Moore’s new film (“Pitch Perfect”). Because in the truest sense of the word, the main characters Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Duhamel) have to arm themselves with weapons. Her planned dream wedding in a tropical vacation paradise is invaded by pirates who take the guests hostage. In full wedding attire, the desperate couple tries to save the wedding guests. There are some action scenes and funny arguments with the pirates.

Jennifer Lopez masters action scenes in tulle horror

Whether it’s a golf cart chase, a zipline ride, or balancing with a hand grenade, J.Lo pulls off almost all of her scenes in “Shotgun Wedding” in a glamorous wedding dress. “It wasn’t easy, it was really tough. The dress was so bulky. The funny thing is it’s the opposite of what my character Darcy wanted and then she gets stuck in it on the worst day of her life. It was really uncomfortable,” explains the 53-year-old. Still, Lopez cuts a fine figure in all of her action scenes.

Darcy and Tom couldn’t be more different. While the bride is rather carefree and would prefer not to have a big wedding, the groom is always worried and wants to celebrate the perfect wedding. Shortly before the marriage there is a dispute between the two. Duhamel admits he’s not as perfectionist as Tom in real life: “Sometimes I’m not that structured.” At his own wedding, his wife Audra Mari took over the helm. After seeing “Shotgun Wedding,” she jokingly asked him, “Why can’t you be like the guy in the movie? You could plan anything for the wedding with J.Lo, but not with me.”

At home, J.Lo likes to “hand over the lead”

Lopez, who portrays the laid-back Darcy, is both a perfectionist and carefree in her private life, she reveals. “Sometimes I’m very perfectionist when it comes to my job. In my normal life I’m a bit more relaxed. I’m not the one who likes to make plans. Often I just go with the flow,” she says. Structure is required in her work. That’s why she likes to “hand over the lead” at home.

The wedding entourage has gathered at “Shotgun Wedding” in the Philippines. The film was actually shot in the Dominican Republic. “The cast, the crew, the Dominicans were all great,” Duhamel recalls filming in 2021. In general, it was one of his “pleasant” jobs so far. His film partner in particular contributed to this. “It was so great working with Jennifer, she’s a real professional,” enthuses the 50-year-old.

Working with ‘Legends’: An honor for Duhamel and Lopez

Wedding guests also include mothers-in-law Renata and Carol, played by Brazilian actress Sônia Braga (“Gabriela”) and recent Golden Globe winner Jennifer Coolidge (“The White Lotus”). Above all, the performance of the two takes the comedy to a new level. The embittered Renata makes for laughs with her crude statements, while the naive Carol amuses the audience with her endearing manner. “They are two legends. We were so lucky that they played our mothers. They were so great and brought a different flavor to it,” says Lopez gratefully. Even away from the set, the two were “great”, she also emphasizes.

“Shotgun Wedding” is a production of Lionsgate and Amazon Studios. In addition to Lopez, Duhamel, Braga and Coolidge, Lenny Kravitz (58), Cheech Marin (76) and Callie Hernandez (34) also feature. “Shotgun Wedding” will be shown in German cinemas from January 19th, after which the fun can be admired on Amazon Prime Video from January 27th.

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