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Alec Baldwin: Prosecutors want to charge him with fatal shooting

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The deadly accident during the shooting of the western “Rust” may have criminal consequences for Alec Baldwin: the public prosecutor in the US state of New Mexico wants to prosecute the gunman and the film’s producers.

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Prosecutors in the US state of New Mexico want to bring charges against actor Alec Baldwin (64) after a fatal shot at a camerawoman during a Western film shoot. This was announced by the authority on Thursday. Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is also on trial. Both are to be charged with negligent homicide, the prosecutor said in a statement.

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After evaluating the investigation, there is enough evidence for a criminal prosecution, said District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies.

The 42-year-old chief camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was fatally injured while filming the western “Rust” at a film ranch in Santa Fe in October 2021. Baldwin, who served as lead actor and producer on the film, was holding a gun in rehearsal for a scene when a shot went off. Director Joel Souza was hit in the shoulder by the projectile and injured in the incident. Investigations showed that the Colt had a real bullet in it – instead of blank cartridges, for example.

Alec Baldwin blames parts of the film crew

Baldwin had always denied responsibility for the fatal accident and instead blamed the armorer and the assistant director who handed the deadly weapon to the actor. They were also targeted in the police investigation. Badlwin filed a lawsuit against her in November 2022, along with a props maker and the responsible gun and ammunition supplier.

A civil lawsuit filed by Matthew Hutchins, the camerawoman’s widower, against Baldwin and others involved in the production of “Rust” was settled out of court last October. “We all believe that Halyna’s death was a terrible accident,” the widower said at the time. He has no interest in blaming Baldwin and the film producers. Instead, they wanted to honor the cinematographer’s latest work and continue shooting “Rust”. Halyna Hutchins is survived by a husband and a son.

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