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Judith Rakers: She looks at her dents ‘with love’

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Judith Rakers completely turned her life around a few years ago and despite her physical changes, couldn’t be happier.

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Judith Rakers (47) dared to make a new start after her 40th birthday: she moved from the Hamburg city to a rural farm. A decision that the “Tagesschau” spokeswoman has not regretted to this day. She has “found her happiness in life,” she stated in an interview with the magazine “Gala”.

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The 47-year-old sees the fact that she “is enjoying it so much” as a possible reason for her relaxed approach to aging. She pays less attention to her weight than she used to. Also “fitting into a certain dress size” is “no longer important” to her. Rather, she looks at “one or the other dent on the body […] with love”. A look at their self-sufficiency garden helps. “Even the crunchy carrot eventually becomes wrinkled,” jokes Rakers.

From “full honk” to passionate gardener

Speaking of carrots: For a long time, Rakers thought it was impossible to grow your own vegetables and manage a garden. After all, she used to be “a total honk when it came to gardening, keeping chickens and cooking”. However, she found “the idea of ​​freedom and independence” to be “very tempting”. Today, gardening and cooking would be among her greatest passions. The TV presenter also addresses these in her new book “Homefarming: Das Kochbuch”, which will be published by GU Verlag on February 1st.

Source: Stern

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