Marie Kondo lost the battle against disorder: “I gave up”

Marie Kondo lost the battle against disorder: “I gave up”
Marie Kondo lost the battle against disorder: “I gave up”

at 38 years oldKondo explains that with the growth of his family order ceased to be a priority. “I gave up but in a good way. Now I realize that The important thing for me is to spend more time with my children at home”he commented in a note for the Washington Post.

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“My house is messy, but the way I spend time is right for me at this point in life”, explained the author during a webinar. on previous occasionsKondo has commented that his obsession with order and organization sometimes causes him a lot of pressure and that the overload of work has led her to anxious moments.

In “Marie Kondo presents Kurashi at home: How to organize your space and achieve an ideal life”, The Queen of Order explores this Japanese concept of “kurashi” or “way of life.” He himself refers to simple ways to bring calm and happiness in everyday things which include the order but do not end there.

About, Kondo encourages everyone to have their own rhythms and routines based on what makes them happy. The book offers more than 125 sample photos to inspire you to create your own routine that you should stick with for at least 10 days to see if they can create habits that make them feel better.

“Ordering our houses, our environments, is a way of ordering our minds. By organizing our hearts and minds, what we want becomes clearer,” explains the author and stresses that this is his own challenge now. Finally, he admits that When your children grow up, your life will surely change again. but that “he will continue to look within to make sure you keep your own kurashi.”

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