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Big Brother: Agustín again eliminated

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And this Sunday, January 29, in a new and spicy elimination gala, who left the most famous house in the country was Augustine Guardis. It was first known that The Torah it had obtained the fewest votes from the public, reaching 3.38%.

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Santiago del Moro He called for the definitive closing of the voting. “It is the moment of truth, the cards are cast,” she said as she received the envelope that the notary brought her. And she entered the house for “the moment of truth”, assuring that there were two great players who were on the plate and that she did not know what could happen. Then she announced: “By the decision of the Supreme, whoever leaves the most famous house in the world is…Agustin”. The participant received 50.81% of the votes against 49.19% of Daniela.

In this way, the participants who are still in the race are: Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares Puente, Walter Santiago, “Alfa”, Marcos Ginocchio, Julieta Poggio, Romina Uhrig, Lucila Belén Villar, Ariel Ansaldo, Camila Lattanzio and Daniela Celis.

Source: Ambito

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