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Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez revealed that her intimate mishap was armed for an awareness campaign

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After remembering the dance that she did live with Georgina, and the precise moment in which the host pretended to discover a red stain on her white pants, the also actress and influencer referred to the campaign of Kotexthe brand of wipes and tampons that summoned her to raise awareness about women’s monthly cycle.

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“You know that four out of ten girls don’t go to school because they’re sick. It’s an incredible thing. It’s still not talked about today, in this century,” Georgina opined. “It is not a simple advertising campaign, the idea of ​​this was to raise the issue and to question it because it is something that happens to all of us,” added Sofía.

The precedent in Mexico of a similar campaign

The same company had carried out a similar campaign on Mexican television with the singer Amy Gutiérrez as the protagonist. The salsa boat stopped and she began to model on the América Televisión set, but at one point she turned around to return to her place and a red stain was noticed on her white pants. At that moment, the host Tula Rodríguez approached and covered her “explaining” the reason for her reaction.

Quickly, the interpreter of ‘Someone’ expressed her surprise and said: “Uyuyuy, oops, these are little things that happen, normal, normal”. After receiving a hug from the driver, she added: “All women have been through this.”

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As happened with “Jujuy”, Gutiérrez appeared on the same program the following day to clarify what had happened.

Source: Ambito

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