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Return to bookstores: Haruki Murakami publishes his first novel in six years

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The minimalist publication that obtained thousands of likes added very little information to what is already known so far: “It opens on Thursday, April 13, 2023”, “it is a 1,200-page novel”, “launch”, were the few data provided.

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The book will initially be published in Japanese and later the translations will come out, but for that there are no revealed dates yet.

Details of that novel’s plot were kept secret to respect Murakami’s wish that readers discover it without knowing anything beforehand, a source from Shinchosha publishing house told AFP news agency.

What is known is that it is the first work that has seen the light of Murakami since his last work, “The Commander’s Death”published in February 2017. For that release, Tokyo bookstores stayed open until dawn so that fans could buy the book immediately.

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At 74, Murakami is an internationally recognized author, translated into 50 languages, awarded with the Noma, Tanizaki, Hans Christian Andersen, Franz Kafka and Jerusalem Prize prizes. He has been singled out repeatedly as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Born in Kyoto (western Japan) in 1949, Murakami made his debut in literature with the novels “Listen to the Song of the Wind” and “Pinball 1973”, which he wrote at the age of 30, in one sitting, at the kitchen table. from his house. Many years later he would arrive at bookstores in Argentina translated into Spanish.

His fans on this side of the ocean already know that they received the editions of Murakami’s books translated into Spanish in the exact reverse order of how they were published in Tokyo, chronologically.

The author of “Tokyo Blues”, “Kafka on the shore” and “1Q84” he combines fantastic elements, melancholic characters and improbable dialogues with thick and credible atmospheres, which make it impossible to stray from his novels until the end.

In Argentina, Tusquets Editores has published all his works, including “The Death of the Commander”, “Underground”, “What do I talk about when I talk about running”, “What do I talk about when I talk about writing” or “Music, only music”. , or “The Birthday Girl”.

Source: Ambito

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