Shakira celebrates her birthday alone, after 12 years with Piqué

Shakira celebrates her birthday alone, after 12 years with Piqué

The couple in June of last year confirmed their separation, and a few weeks ago Shakira dedicated a song to him in which he spares no criticism of the laureate former player of the Barcelona.

It was on topic BZRP Music Session #53in which he made public the details of his separation, and mentions a third party in discord, the young woman Clara Chia Marti23 years old, who was an employee of an event organizing company belonging to the athlete.

The song launched by the Colombian artist together with the Argentine producer separated her even more from the parents of Piquewith whom until then he had a good relationship.

As it turned out, the athlete’s mother, Monserrat Bernabeu, He was saddened by the media exposure his family was involved in, and decided to cut off any kind of ties with whoever his daughter-in-law had been for the last 12 years.

For example, it was recently the birthday of Sasha and her grandparents organized a lunch for her, and the Colombian artist was not invited.

About, Shakira and Pique they had the difficult task of agreeing so that both of them can share and celebrate together milan and sasha.

The singer can be considered perhaps I was not lucky choosing a partner, since her previous love was Antonio de la Ruason of the former president Fernando de la Rua, who was never known to have a visible occupation, except to accompany her in her career. Even when they broke the bond, De la Rua son went to court, claiming a percentage of the patrimony of Shakira, under the argument that he had acted as an artistic adviser during those years. It didn’t work out.

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The heritage of Shakira and Piqué

Although divorce settlements can be harsh – and in this case, there would be no meaningful dialogue framework – it is difficult for any of them to go bankrupt.

In fact, Shakira has an estimated net worth of US$300 million, and a good part of her work commitments tied to Miami, United States, where she plans to move with her children.

Piqué, after a long and successful career, mainly at Barcelona, ​​has $80 million to his credit, although he is currently launching himself as a sports event broadcaster.

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