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Iris Klein and Peter Klein speak out – says Yvonne Woelke

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After numerous press reports and allegations, Peter and Iris Klein apparently met for a clarifying conversation. Meanwhile, Klein’s alleged affair with Yvonne Woelke is public.

Not a day goes by without new allegations or headlines. Instead of this year’s jungle campers, it’s all about the cheating drama that is said to have taken place away from the jungle camp – in the Versace Hotel.

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Iris Klein and Peter Klein speak out

Iris Klein and her husband Peter Klein have now met for a clarifying conversation, reports RTL. In a hotel in Ludwigshafen things got “loud and impulsive”. “It has not yet been possible to achieve a result, it is unclear in which direction it is going. Iris is simply too injured and hit for this at the moment,” said Iris Klein’s management to the station.

It is surprising that the conversation even took place. After all, Iris Klein had made clear words about her husband in the past two weeks. She wanted a divorce, she had packed her things, she said, among other things. She is sure he cheated on her with Djamila Rowe’s jungle camp companion Yvonne Woelke. He denies that.

Yvonne Woelke speaks out

And the alleged third party in the marriage? Yvonne Woelke now takes a position herself. In a big interview with “Exclusive Weekend” she denies having an affair with Peter Klein. “Everyone thinks they know the truth. In the end, only two people know the truth, Peter and I,” she says. “We never had an affair, we never had anything together, I’ll emphasize that again. And everyone says she’s the victim, I’m sorry (…). If he cheated on her, then not with me” , says the 41-year-old actress.

Iris Klein’s daughter Daniela Katzenberger apparently needed wellness first after the stress about her mother. On Instagram, the reality star showed up in a bathrobe and with a towel on his head. “Was bathing for an hour at what felt like 1000 degrees and first killed and sweated out all the emotions of the last few weeks,” she wrote about a series of emojis.

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