Free Spirit: The Real Story Behind the Trending Movie on Netflix

Free Spirit: The Real Story Behind the Trending Movie on Netflix

The film stars Teagan Croftwho gives life to Jessica. Cliff Curtis, Anna Paquin, Josh Lawson, Bridget Webb, vivien turnerStacy Clausen, Alyla Browne, Todd Lasance, Alice Haig, Chris Hillier, Nicholas Burton and Josephine Flynn complete the cast.

The true story on which Free Spirit is based

The real story took place in the year 2009, when Jessica Watson, a 16-year-old Australian, revolutionized the media by wanting to become the youngest person to complete a solo trip around the world. The young woman was subjected to a great deal of scrutiny from the press, where they questioned her abilities in the water and her parents for allowing her to follow her dreams despite how risky she could be.

After spending 210 days aboard her sailing yacht Ella’s Pink Lady, Watson was received with honors in Sydney and was named ‘Young Australian of the Year’ and awarded the ‘Medal of the Order of Australia’. Watson – who had been inspired by the story of Jesse Martin and his adventure around the world at just 18 years old-, he wrote his journey in a memoir titled True Spirit, published just two months after his return. On this book, and the story of it, the film of Netflix.

Free Spirit _ Official Trailer


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