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Marta Minujín celebrated her “wedding with eternity”

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Marta Minujín (1943) has just celebrated her 80th birthday and at a great party she married eternity. About a decade ago, also at Malba, Minujín celebrated her birthday and her marriage to art. She arrived at the museum wrapped in tulle like now, but in a carriage. More democratic these days, although determined to be eternal, this time she arrived in a bus on line 67. She was demanding with the dress code. The obedient guests were waiting for her dressed in black and with black glasses as her invitations indicated. Already in the museum, the wedding march was playing and after dancing the “Blue Danube”, she started the party. A group of young “performers” surrounded her with her painted faces, like those who in 1973 accompanied Minujín at MoMA for her “Kidnappenning”, a cantata, opera, dance, poetry and tribute to Picasso. Now, in the first place, there are the directives of Malba, Marita García and Lupe Requena. The celebration was happy with the participatory actions, before the cutting of the four-story black cake, Marta thanked and asked the people: “Enjoy the present moment.”

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Source: Ambito

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