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Madonna talks about her surgeries – and jokes about swelling

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At the Grammy Awards, Madonna’s look sparked a debate about cosmetic surgery. Now the singer is commenting on this again – but differently than you would expect.

It was one of the most important moments of this year’s Grammy Awards: German singer Kim Petras was the first trans person to receive the most important American music prize together with British colleague Sam Smith. But many viewers focused on one thing in particular: the face of the award speaker Madonna. Now she jokes about it herself.

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Taking to Twitter and Instagram, the singer shared a series of images that show her in the car and in a studio wearing a cap that reads “spiritually hungry.” “Look how cute I look now that the swelling from the surgery has gone down,” she tweeted. She clearly doesn’t mean it too seriously, as she makes clear with an attached “lol” and a tearful laughing emoji.

Madonna sparked debate about cosmetic surgery

In the aftermath of her Grammy performance, a debate about cosmetic surgery and how stars deal with aging quickly developed. Many fans were horrified by Madonna’s appearance at the performance, saying they hardly recognized her. Some joked that she looked similar to the singer who once celebrated world success as Madonna.

Madonna herself had expressed anger about the discussion in a statement published on Instagram. A photographer caught her unfavorably with the telephoto lens, which created a completely different look, she explained there. She feels the talk about her appearance as age discrimination and misogyny. She was also annoyed that people preferred to talk about her appearance rather than the price. The “fearlessness of artists like Sam and Kim” is much more important to her, she emphasized.

The statement led to mixed reactions from her followers. While some continue to express disparagement, many also celebrate her bravery. “Here, you dropped that,” posted one user. A video of a crown.


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