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Nada Personal pays homage to Soda Stéreo with an intimate and plugged-in show

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During these first 4 years of formation, the band made up of Federico Serravalle (voice), Charly Dimarco (bass), Leo Spennato (drums), Fran Dragonetti (keyboards) and Pablo Cravena (guitar), toured various stages respectfully replicating the melodies and lyrics of Soda Stereo.

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In this opportunity, Nothing Personal comes back to the Soundroom from Mar del Plata so that those fans of the power trio can revive their music, but it also offers the experience to those who have not been able to listen live to Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti.

“Modern boys, modern hairstyles, modern clothes, modern songs. Tonight ‘television overdose’, what does it matter if we are full of ‘vitamins’. That is a good ‘sign’. Now, if the elders didn’t understand anything, sorry, this isn’t ‘nothing personal’. Gustavo, Charly and Zeta. This rock that began in Argentina has already transcended the borders of America”, announced the presenter Antony Vodanovic to the public of the Viña del Mar Festival in February 1987; the show that opened the doors for Soda Stereo so that later it would become one of the most relevant groups in Latin America.

This presentation made February a special month for the trio and the show of Nada Personal in Chauvín will also be: With a careful staging and a great musical repertoire, connoisseurs (and not so much) will be able to enjoy a faithful experience, of Soda Stereo and some songs by soloist Gustavo Cerati.

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Source: Ambito

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