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They affirm that Chano would be “with low oxygenation” and that “they cannot wake him up”

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He is on low oxygenation due to lithium and antidepressants”Ventura said. Journalist He did not specify his sourcessaid They did not come from the sanatorium or from their relatives but that they came “from a professional who has made contact”.

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“Chano” Moreno Charpentier was urgently admitted on Friday at the Otamendi sanatorium. for now, The clinic did not provide a medical report or comment on the situation of the singer, committed long ago to situations of addictions. “Thank you for the love and good energy for my family in these gray days. We accompany Chano in his recovery, trusting in his strength and heart as a fighter to get better every day”, added his brotherwho also thanked the “medical team for their professional quality and the affection with which they care for my brother”.

last December 29“Chano” had presented a new song on social networks and platforms, titled “We never left”, the last presentation of his album “El Camino”. The new track closed the third studio album in the career of ex-Tan Biónica as a soloist, and featured the participation of Luck Ra and was produced by Renzo Luca.

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Last November he offered a series of sold-out shows at Luna Park and has scheduled a presentation at Lollapalloza for next Friday, March 17, and two sold-out shows in La Plata for the 10th and 11th of that month, in what had announced they were going to be “last show of the year” (by 2023) since he would later dedicate himself to working on new materials.

However, at midnight on Thursday, the situation of the musician upset his friends and followers by a series of posts on Twitter, where he asked “Is it possible to make a false video of someone with the same face and the same voice with artificial intelligence? The new threat of the haters. I read them”. Three minutes later, at 00:03, he repeated the tweet asking “save this”, at 9 minutes on Friday he asked to retweet it and a minute later he wrote “fear” on the net.

In July 2021 Chano was shot in the abdomen by a police officer whom he tried to stab with a knife in the middle of a psychotic break, after which he was admitted and medicated but managed to return to activity with a show at the Luna Park in November of that year where he apologized and promised he would change. Different media indicated that Chano’s current situation is “reserved” but there was no official confirmation of this situation.

Source: Ambito

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