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Tim Lobinger’s ex-wife on the farewell: “Self-determined until death”

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Tim Lobinger’s ex-wife Alina Lobinger gives private insights into the last hours of the deceased: “We were all with him”.

After Tim Lobinger’s (1972-2023) tragic death, his ex-wife Alina Lobinger (42) gave an insight into the last hours of the former exceptional athlete. In the current issue of the magazine “Bunte”, Lobinger, who married the former pole vault world champion in 2011, reports: “I was convinced to the end that a Lobinger miracle would happen after all”. After all, at some point “everyone believed that Tim had superhuman powers”.

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“In good spirits to the end”

Lobinger worked as an athletic trainer at RB Leipzig until shortly before his death and tirelessly wrote training plans. “Until the end he was in a good mood,” said his ex-wife literally. “It was only when the pain became unbearable that he was taken to the hospital and put into an artificial coma.”

“We were all with him when he breathed his last”

When it came to the end, eight close confidants would have kept watch over his bed. “We were all with him when he took his last breath,” reveals Alina Lobinger. Bayern star Joshua Kimmich (28) and his wife Lina were also among them. Kimmich and Lobinger were close friends for many years. .

“Self-determined until death”

Gradually, the devices and life-sustaining measures were turned off. “But Tim left before that. Self-determined until death. He didn’t let anyone tell him when it was the right time to go,” reports his ex-wife, crying, adding: “A typical Lobinger!”.

The funeral service for the deceased is scheduled to take place in Munich in early March. Family, friends, acquaintances and fans are expected.

Source: Stern

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