Angela Lanz and Estefania Heidemanns run fitness Instagram

Angela Lanz and Estefania Heidemanns run fitness Instagram

Markus Lanz’ lawyer confirmed on Tuesday that the moderator and his wife Angela Lanz have split up. So far, Angela Lanz has mostly held back from the public – now she is showing herself more and more on Instagram.

“Your body deserves to glow!” — the credo on the Instagram channel of Angela Lanz and Estefania Heidemanns is clear. Together, the two women run a profile that is not just about fitness exercises, but also about healthy and balanced nutrition.

Angela Lanz and Estefania Heidemanns do fitness on Instagram

Almost a year ago, the Heidemanns and Lanz introduced themselves to their subscribers. “Two friends, lots of energy, a little crazy, lots of fun and lots of new ideas,” they wrote on a photo of themselves at the time.

What they offer is similar to most foodie fitness accounts on the photo platform. Fans get short videos in which they explain fitness exercises, or even an easy recipe. In addition (supposedly) inspiring sayings and suitable hashtags. “Good Vibes”, “Strong Women”, “Happy Soul”.

But how do the two women actually know each other? Estefania Heidemanns became known to the general public through her relationship with pop titan Dieter Bohlen. The two were in a relationship from 2001 to 2006 and have a son together. Today she is married to TV producer Markus Heidemanns.

Angela Lanz and talk show host Markus Lanz married in 2011. The two kept their relationship out of the public eye, not much is known about their marriage. The two fitness-loving women most likely met through their partners. As co-founder (alongside Markus Lanz himself) of Mhoch2, Markus Heidemanns is responsible for the production of Lanz’s talk show.

Heidemanns and Lanz seem to have found their passion in the world of fitness influencers. Almost 7500 people are already following the two.

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