After a skiing accident: Arabella Kiesbauer survived surgery “well”

After a skiing accident: Arabella Kiesbauer survived surgery “well”

Arabella Kiesbauer reported to Instagram. After her skiing accident, the presenter “survived an operation well”.

Arabella Kiesbauer (53) contacted her Instagram followers again after her skiing accident in Kitzbühel. the presenter explained on Wednesday (February 22nd): “I survived two hours of surgery well – I’m slowly getting really alert again.”

As of today, her full concentration is on healing “my freshly screwed knee”. Kiesbauer published a picture that shows her in the hospital bed with a smile on her face and two thumbs up. The presenter also revealed in the hashtags that she had sustained a tibial plateau fracture, i.e. a fracture of the tibia head.

Photos show Kiesbauer right after the skiing accident

The 53-year-old had previously told her Instagram followers about her accident on the ski slope. “Many thanks to the competent mountain rescue service,” the presenter wrote a few days ago, including pictures that show her in ski gear and with a splinted leg on a rescue stretcher.

“Nothing knocks out sunshine – not even a complicated fracture,” she explained in another post last Tuesday. “Today I’m going to have an operation. From tomorrow I’ll be worth even more with all the metal parts in my leg,” she joked and thanked “the numerous recovery wishes”. The accompanying photo showed Kiesbauer sitting on a chair with his leg in a cast.

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