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PSVR2: Ozzy Osbourne surprises in VR headset commercial

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Watch the video: Self-deprecating and likeable – Ozzy Osbourne surprises in commercial for VR headset.

Sony is launching a new advertising campaign for the new PlayStation VR2. But probably very few would have expected him in the spot for the virtual reality hardware: Metal veteran Ozzy Osbourne. Laughing and swearing, he fights his way through the virtual world of “Horizon Call of the Mountain” in the commercial. Actually, the “Godfather of Metal” is supposed to help his wife Sharon, who has become quite annoyed by now, with her move to England. What’s special: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne do their job in the spot so well, so self-deprecating and likeable, that you forget it’s a commercial, adding on Twitter, “We had a lot of fun. Your new VR2 is really amazing.” It is not known how high Osbourne’s fee was for the advertising clip, but he certainly seems to have fun in his role as an advertising ambassador for Sony’s new gadget.

Source: Stern

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