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GNTM: Heidi Klum grabs the camera herself in her casting show

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During the shoot in swimwear, the model mom pressed the shutter button herself. A fox fur also later sparked lively discussions among the candidates.

Model mom Heidi Klum personally grabbed the camera at the first shoot of the current season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

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She will just press the shutter button, the media-experienced presenter of the ProSieben show flirted in the episode that was broadcast on Thursday evening and photographed the candidates of her casting show herself.

At the photo session in swimwear at the swimming pool of the “Model Villa” in Los Angeles, the 49-year-old did not spare criticism of the participants. Candidate Slata accused her of posing too “cheesy” – that is, old-fashioned and not cool enough. Elsa exaggerates a bit and pushes her mouth forward too much. The practiced poses of the other young women were not always well received either: with Ida and Vivien, Klum found the hand of one model misplaced on the buttocks of their photo partner. An unplanned downpour that day literally clouded the photos a bit.

After arriving at the model quarters, the conflicts were not long in coming. There was not only friction about the allocation of the beds. Candidate Elsa’s real fox fur sparked a discussion about animal welfare, down jackets, meat consumption and veganism. “I didn’t kill it,” said the young model. She just can’t stand fake fur on her body.

Source: Stern

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