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Daughter of Markus Söder: Gloria-Sophie Burkandt suffered from anorexia

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She was internationally successful as a model, but it didn’t make her happy, it made her sick: Gloria-Sophie Burkandt revealed in an interview that she had been struggling with an eating disorder for several years.

She ran at designer Philipp Plein’s fashion show, jetted around the world for photo jobs and graced the cover of Turkish “Vogue”: Gloria-Sophie Burkandt has made a real career of as a model in recent years. At the same time, she completed an economics degree. But her success didn’t make her happy, it made her sick. The 24-year-old revealed to the “Bild” newspaper that she suffered from anorexia for several years. At a height of 1.85 meters, she weighed only 59 kilograms.

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“I was bored with everything. I wanted to walk on the cover of Vogue, at a fashion show. When I got there, I realized it didn’t mean anything to me. I had no real purpose in life. Repressing my true feelings. That confused me so much that I became unhappy and sick,” said Burkandt.

Gloria-Sophie Burkandt tried to hide how emaciated she was

It all started when she was 20 years old. “I stopped eating. I would rather die than keep rejecting myself. I was getting thinner and thinner, only eating every two months. Hunger was the only feeling I could feel. I felt no joy at all.”

She tried to hide from her parents how bad she was. “When I met them, I wore several sweaters on top of each other so they wouldn’t see how emaciated I was.” The 24-year-old is the eldest daughter of Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) and his former partner Ulrike Burkandt. Gloria-Sophie grew up with her mother.

In the meantime she is doing better again, Burkandt told the “Bild” newspaper. Working with an acting coach also helped her. “He helps me find my peace of mind and my mission.” Playing and roles are an outlet for their feelings. “I feel more alive than ever,” said the model. She has now gained 15 kilos and is eating cake, pasta and schnitzel again. “Everything I loved as a child. I like what I see in the mirror,” said Burkandt.


Source: Stern

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