Fitness trend 2023: The perfect outfit at the ballet barre

Fitness trend 2023: The perfect outfit at the ballet barre

Barre and ballet are among the fitness trends of 2023. With these outfit tips you cut a good figure at the ballet barre.

Spring is coming: With the first warming rays of the sun, the motivation to wake up from hibernation and to get physically fit again slowly comes back. The right workout can help release endorphins, reduce stress and increase overall well-being. Long at the top of the list of fitness trends, yoga and Pilates are now facing competition from dancing as a physical workout in 2023. Barre and ballet in particular – but what is the best way to dress for your first barre or ballet lesson? Our tips for the perfect sports outfit.

What outfit should I wear to a barre workout class?

Barre is a fitness workout that combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Anyone participating in a barre session should wear comfortable, flexible clothing that does not restrict movement. Breathable fabrics are also recommended, as this workout is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Tight-fitting leggings made from a breathable material form the basis of the barre outfit. This is best combined with a sports bra and an airy tank top made of quick-drying fabrics. The sports outfit looks particularly stylish in black, if you like to wear more color during your workout, you can use the Pantone trend color Viva Magenta, for example. The fewer colors you combine in your fitness look, the more graceful and elegant you look – bright colors are taboo on the ballet barre.

In addition, many barre fans use special barre socks with non-slip soles to avoid slipping during training. For the workout, tie your hair into a tight braid or bun at the back of your head.

What outfit do I wear to a ballet practice session?

The next level of a barre workout: Those who dare should try ballet as a fitness training in 2023. Ballet improves posture because you focus a lot on body alignment when you train. Ballet also strengthens the core, leg muscles and arm muscles. Ballet training is also good for flexibility, coordination and balance.

For a ballet practice session, you definitely need clothing that guarantees sufficient freedom of movement. A tight-fitting ballet suit is ideal – a kind of body – in which the posture is shown to advantage. It is best to wear opaque tights in skin colors or black under the ballet leotard. Shoes with a flexible sole and a good fit are important for ballet – ballet shoes should have an elastic band around the ankle to provide additional support. If you feel uncomfortable in a tight ballet suit, you can also wear tight leggings and a tight top in muted colors.

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