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Garden ideas: 5 tips that can be implemented quickly

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By spring at the latest, the garden often becomes the focal point of everyday life. Anyone who has their own personal greenery right in front of their house or apartment invests time and love in the design. So inspiration always comes in handy — here are five ideas for your garden.

Whether small, large, sunny or shady, something beautiful can be made of every garden. You just have to know how and have the desire and time to redesign your own garden. If you are still lacking inspiration, you could try these five ideas for the garden.

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1. Seating that invites you to linger

Your garden should be a place that invites you to linger. There are numerous outdoor seating options and in the end it is personal taste that decides which of them suits your own garden. One offers a lot of space and a nice ambience but also this one invites you to relax.

2. Cozy mood lighting

As soon as it gets dark in the evening, beautiful light accents in the garden can create a warm atmosphere. are among the classics, but practical solar lights are also suitable for outdoors, such as this one .

3rd place to let off steam

Families with children can use their own garden to play outside and let off steam in the fresh air. A not only brings the right fun factor, it also promotes physical activity in everyday life. The nice thing is that both the children and the adults in the family enjoy jumping on the trampoline.

4. Give insects a home

Bee populations are getting smaller and smaller. One of the reasons for this is that the habitat in which they can spread, such as trees, shrubs, perennials and flowers, is disappearing. You can actively contribute to the protection of the bees, for example with a , which creates valuable wintering and nesting opportunities for insects in your garden. Certain flowers also provide habitat for bees. You can use this specifically create a small meadow for bees. This not only helps the bees, but also sets a colorful accent in your garden.

5. Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Planting your own fruit and vegetable patches isn’t difficult, and once you’ve had your first harvest, you probably won’t want to stop gardening. If you grow it yourself, you get healthy and particularly fresh food from the garden directly on your plate. In addition to classic beds enjoy doing so great popularity. On the one hand, this is because the fruit and vegetable plants are less exposed to pests, because snails reach the seed only very slowly due to the height of the bed, and on the other hand, it is due to the easy management. Because only after five to seven years does the raised bed have to be refilled with compost or fresh potting soil.

Source: Stern

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