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Actor: Aaron Hilmer likes the sense of community in St. Pauli

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Actor Aaron Hilmer has been nominated for several Oscars for his anti-war film “Nothing New in the West”. At the beginning of March he can be seen in the series “Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn”.

The Hamburg actor Aaron Hilmer, who plays the pimp Klaus Barkowsky in the Amazon series “Luden”, also likes to go to the Reeperbahn in his private life. “As a hamburger, it’s part of going there every now and then,” said Hilmer.

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The district of St. Pauli is very diverse. “In addition to the violence, the red light district and sex work, there is another side that has something loving and caring about it.” For example, the “Elbschlosskeller” is known for the fact that the door is open to everyone. “On the Reeperbahn there is still a kind of community spirit in some places and it’s great to see that,” said the 23-year-old.

With the six-part series “Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn”, Amazon Prime Video brings the Hamburg Reeperbahn of the 1980s to new life. In addition to Hilmer, Jeanette Hain as a prostitute and Noah Tinwa and Henning Flüsloh as friends of Klaus Barkowsky are in front of the camera. The series starts on March 3rd.

Source: Stern

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