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Monday, March 27, 2023

Martin Scorsese will be producer of an Argentine film with Joaquín Furriel and Marina de Tavira

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“I am excited to see how the talents of Celina, Marina and Joaquín come together to tell this story,” Scorsese revealed.who also said that he met “Celina through an art tutoring program” and that he chose her “because her films impressed me ‘Ana and the Others’ and ‘A Week Alone'”. “I try to watch as many world movies as I can, and I found these two unusual in their subject matter and extremely subtle on a dramatic level.very focused on documentary such as the worlds of its characters, besides being made with great care”, assured the film director to the specialized media Variety.

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Is It is not the first Murga film that Scorsese has produced. In 2014 it was Executive Producer of “The Third Shore” who competed in the Berlinale that year.

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“The Smell of Freshly Mown Grass” follows two college professors who have an affair with their students. and tells “two mirror stories, similar but different”. “The story was born from conversations about feminism and the need to analyze it in a finer way. Both me, as the director, and the writers, We believe in the value of this historic moment for women’s rights,” Murga analyzed.

Tavira commented that when she read the script she was caught by “the fascinating journey for a character at this point in my lifeas they were “topics I really wanted to explore.” For his part, Furriel added that “The most interesting thing about the film is that it exposes how the patriarchal society works with a very subtle mechanism.”

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