Comedian: Anke Engelke loves loud phone calls on the train

Comedian: Anke Engelke loves loud phone calls on the train

“And the whole compartment listens in”: For the comedian, conversations on the train are inspiration for her work. Engelke also finds a lot of positive things in staring at strangers.

Comedian and actress Anke Engelke (57) is a fan of loud phone calls on the train. “I often sit on the train because I don’t fly within Europe. I often hear these phone calls that are much too loud. Aren’t they the greatest?” She told the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“”YES, WAIT GÜNTHER! I AM HERE RIGHT NOW…YES? NO! JUST SEND IT! WRITE 18 PERCENT! BUT THERE ARE ONLY 12, BUT THAT’S ONLY AMONG US.” And the whole compartment is listening. Great. Great, great, great.” For her, conversations of this kind are an inspiration for her work.

staring at people? No problem for Engelke

It is known that Engelke also likes to stare at people. “People watching is the best thing ever. I love it.” She doesn’t think people would find her staring uncomfortable. She herself also doesn’t feel like people are staring at her.

“I stare. I sometimes have the impression that I’ve stared too long, like at such an open leg. And then I quickly look away because I realize, oh, I’ve been staring at that for too long.”

The comedian has started a new podcast on the Spotify streaming platform with the entertainer Riccardo Simonetti. In “Quality Time with Anke and Riccardo” both want to talk openly and honestly about their lives and their experiences in show business.

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