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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Singer: Lily Allen: Instagram break due to concentration problems

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“I’m going away for a while”: she wants to take her commitments seriously, the singer explains – that’s difficult for her because of the smartphone. Lily Allen gets a lot of applause for this on Instagram.

Singer Lily Allen (37, “Not Fair”) has announced a social media break. On Instagram, the British wrote: “I’m going away for a while. It’s been more and more difficult for me to concentrate lately because of the smartphone.”

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She wants to take her commitments seriously: “I have some really great things to do professionally and I want to properly acknowledge these commitments and everyone involved.”

But there is a small consolation patch for their fans – because they don’t have to do without Allen entirely: “My team might post a few little things, but I’ll say good night.”

The decision is endorsed in the comments. “A break can be so relaxing. Good luck with the projects,” writes a user. “Do whatever you think you need to do, queen, I can’t wait to see what you’re doing,” affirmed another Instagram user.

Source: Stern

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