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Abortion: Jessa Seewald called it a holocaust – and had one herself

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Jessa Seewald belongs to the Duggar clan, a Christian fundamentalist family in the USA, which has been followed by cameras for years. The Duggars have repeatedly railed against abortions – now Seewald had one performed after a miscarriage.

The Duggar clan is one of the most notorious reality TV families in the USA. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle, both devout Christians, had cameras following them around their home for seven seasons. She raised her 19 children with Christian values. Women should submit to their husbands and dress modestly, for them homosexuality is a sin.

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Abortion in particular is the epitome of evil for the Duggars. At a 2013 protest movement, Michelle Duggar called the medical procedure a “baby holocaust”.

Jessa Seewald of the Duggar clan had an abortion

But apparently the motto for the family is: Do what I say, not what I do. Jessa Seewald, one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters, has now revealed that she had an abortion.

In a YouTube video, the 30-year-old reports on her miscarriage. “Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words in that moment,” she says of the moment her doctor told her things weren’t looking good for the fetus. “At that moment I was just in shock. I had no words. I just started crying right away.”

She decided to do a dilation and curettage, which involves removing mucous membrane, or the fetus, from the uterus. Seewald’s video caused a lively discussion, especially on the Internet. “Because of the risk of complications, she had an abortion. In many states, she would not have had the opportunity to face the risks of complications, thanks to a movement that not only supported her family but also built it into a brand and benefited from it to cope with or receive the necessary treatment,” explained author Rebecca Traister on .

double standards

Anti-abortion activists also took to Twitter, saying Seewald had miscarried, meaning the baby was no longer alive. In fact, however, the “D & C” is a form of abortion and is now illegal in various states in the USA. Despite the risk of miscarriage, a large proportion of American women cannot have the procedure.

This is exactly what the Duggars have referred to as “murder” in the past. Jessa Seewald even agreed with her mother and also called abortion a holocaust. “We’re not mad that Jessa Duggar has had an abortion. We’re mad that she wants to ban abortion for other women,” wrote one on the short message service.

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