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Friends mini reunion: Courtney Cox received her star on the Walk of Fame

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The honor comes before the debut of another installment of the franchise scream in which he reprises the fan-favorite role as Gale Weathers and another season for his series of Starz Shining Voucher. Dern opened the tributes by calling Cox a friend, sister and “the most extraordinary person possible.” She detailed a trip to Disneyland when she saw firsthand the “sheer delight and excitement” in people’s eyes when they recognized Cox. Some fans left her place in her line to greet her because she loved her more than they loved Space Mountain, Dern noted. “God bless you.”

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Next up were Aniston and Kudrow, and they both said that when they got their jobs at friendsthey were nervous about meeting Cox, who, at the time, was the most famous member of the cast, thanks to credits like a video of Bruce Springsteen, Family Ties, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Misfits of Scienceamong others.

“I was really nervous to meet her because she was such a big fan,” Aniston explained. “I remember seeing her at the Flowering Tree, a yogurt shop we used to go to. I panicked, I sweated, and I just didn’t know what she would be like when we got our job.”

Due to Cox’s experience and influence, Kudrow said he had a profound effect on the cast of friends. “That really set us up to become one of the closest, most caring, most supportive actors in, I will say, the history of television.” Aniston and Kudrow then complimented Cox’s side hustle of flipping houses with the latter saying, “I remember Courtney saying, ‘Look, I’ve made more money from houses than from acting.’ Yes, that changed.”

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Accepting the honor, Cox admitted that she hates and is terrified of public speaking, “which is why I don’t run unless I literally cling to Lisa and Jennifer.” She thanked Aniston, Dern and Kudrow for showing up for her “in public, as you so often do in private.”

Cox turned her attention to her “longest and most important” projects: her boyfriend McDaid and their daughter Coco. “Thank you for teaching me to be a better person,” she said of McDaid, someone she called an incredible and talented person. “Thank you, Coco, for reminding me every day that I’m not,” she joked.

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