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Franca Lehfeldt: That’s why Lindner’s wife kept her name

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Franca Lehfeldt kept her name when she married Christian Lindner. In the “Bunte” interview, she explains what’s behind it.

Franca Lehfeldt (33) did not take his name when she married Finance Minister Christian Lindner (44) last year. “I am very attached to my name, and since I have no brothers, I would like to keep it,” the journalist explained to the magazine “Bunte” in an interview about her new book. The work “Old Wise Men – Homage to an Endangered Species”, which Lehfeldt wrote together with Nena Brockhaus (30), will be published today, March 1st.

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On the question of the name, she continued to say “Bunte”, adding that “my husband is a brand and the name stands for it”. According to the 33-year-old, she also sees independence in “standing for me with my name”. Lehfeldt also reveals about the relationship with top politician Lindner: “We don’t have much private time, so we enjoy it all the more and don’t talk about politics or the media.” One day the situation will change, she explained. “We have a ten-year age difference, career-wise it’s his time, then mine. We’re a strong couple and we support each other.”

Lindner takes riding lessons

The couple has apparently also found a common hobby. Lehfeldt revealed this to the magazine “Gala”. The journalist has been riding since she was a child and has now apparently passed on her enthusiasm for horses to her husband. In the interview, she reports that Lindner takes riding lessons and even mucks out the horse box: “We were both in the stable for Christmas. And then he said very casually: ‘Then I’ll get the cart now.’ I thought it would be something. But he did it brilliantly. There were a lot of women in the stable and there was a murmur of approval.” The TV presenter also revealed to “Gala” that the couple would like to have children: “Yes, we have that wish.”

Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt got married on Sylt in July 2022. The two have been a couple since 2018. They got engaged in September 2021. Lehfeldt worked for RTL News for a long time, as chief reporter for Politik Magazine. She is now also the chief reporter at the Welt television station.

Source: Stern

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