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Music: Helge Schneider plays the cello: “Somehow learned”

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The comedian Helge Schneider is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. And he even played the cello in the school orchestra.

The jazz musician and entertainer Helge Schneider (67, “Katzeklo”) also plays the cello on his new album “Torero”. “I once learned cello as a student with a cello teacher, and then I even played in the school orchestra,” he told the German Press Agency in Mülheim.

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Schneider is known for playing many instruments. He plays most of his albums himself. However, he doesn’t play “any musical instruments” all day long. “I usually sit down at the piano in passing or take the trumpet or saxophone.” Cello is rarer. “But with recordings like this, these instruments suit me. I like that, that I somehow learned it.”

The new album will be released on March 3rd. The new songs are also available live. Schneider has been touring Germany with a band since mid-February. “The Last Bullfighter. Big LA Show” is the title of the tour. Around 80 performances are planned.

Source: Stern

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