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Jena Malone: ​​US actress was sexually abused

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Jena Malone was sexually assaulted while working on The Hunger Games. She speaks for the first time about the traumatic experience.

Jena Malone (38) was sexually abused while filming the “Hunger Games” film series. The American actress, who played Johanna Mason in three out of four parts, has that.

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Malone posted an image she said was taken right after filming Mockingjay: Part 2 wrapped, after saying goodbye to everyone on set. “We were filming at a beautiful property in rural France and I asked the driver to let me out at that field so I could cry and capture the moment,” explains the actress.

It was difficult for Jena Malone to talk about “The Hunger Games”.

The time in Paris was extremely difficult for her, writes Malone. At that time she “went through a bad breakup and was sexually abused by someone I worked with,” explains the 38-year-old.

On the other hand, she was grateful for the role and the many people she had come close to. She went through a “mixture of emotions” and is only now learning to organize what she has experienced. She wished “it wasn’t linked to such a traumatic experience for me”. It was also difficult for her to talk about her role or “The Hunger Games” in the past without being reminded of what she experienced.

In the article, the 38-year-old does not go into detail about the attack. Malone also does not name the person she is talking about. The actress has “worked very hard to heal” and to make peace with herself and the person who abused her.

Source: Stern

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